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The red jasper is a beautiful stone composed of chalcedony and quartz, has a strong energy field that has incredible mystical properties.

Dear friend, you are reading this, if you want to be protected from dark energies, be positive and eradicate the fear of your life, then you are in luck. Here I will explain how and why the red jasper can do this for you. You decide if you continue reading or not.

Meaning of red jasper
The red jasper as it is evident owes its name to its color, used since Roman times as a talisman of luck, they assured that if they wore a red jasper they were much more likely to win in battles.

The Greeks and Egyptians for their part buried their dead with a red jasper, since they had the certainty that would guide them to eternal life. The reality is that although those were myths, the red jasper does have several energetic properties that I want to show you next.

Properties and benefits of red jasper
The properties of this jasper variety that we can best take advantage of are:

A good protector is the red jasper, which blocks all dark energy that comes from spells, witchcraft or curses, rejects them and even sometimes works as a mirror, returning these negative energies.

Even if the energies reach your aura unintentionally, for example due to feelings of envy of other people, it is also capable of blocking them.

Eliminate fears:
Another important benefit obtained by the red jasper bearers is to eliminate all kinds of fear that paralyzes a person, fear of undertaking, fear of taking a step, fear of confessing something to another person, fear of making a decision, everything type of fear can be erased from your mind thanks to the red jasper.

Positivism injection:
Friend (a) reader if you are a pessimistic person, it is hard to see things on the good side, you always strive to be positive but you always end up being more realistic and negative than positive, then you need a red jasper, he will help you get all Those thoughts of negativity and seeing things from an always optimistic point of view.

That you will see that it has an immediate effect on you day to day, because with your thoughts you decide the things you attract for your life.

The red jasper wearers will not let me lie, this stone is an excellent antidepressant, and it is not only the symptoms of depressive symptoms but other emotional disorders such as anxiety.

It protects you in your travels:
If you are a person who has the blessing of being constantly traveling, then the red jasper can also favor you, it is one of its properties to protect its carrier in travel and travel on roads and air.

How to use the red jasper?
This stone can take it with you in the form of an amulet, either a small stone but it can also be a jewel of red jasper. To protect your home place it in a central place or you can do as I do and load it in the car, to protect also whenever I’m driving.

How to clean the red jasper
Please remember that this stone is capable of absorbing energies that may come from spells, so please try to clean it from time to time, otherwise it will stop working at some point. Even when you buy it for the first time you must also clean it since you do not know its past.

The way to clean it is similar to many other crystals, leave it a few hours in a glass container with enough sea salt on it, remove it, rinse it and then to activate or charge it it is necessary to leave it exposed a whole night in the light of the full moon

Benefits of jasper for health
red jasper stoneThe stone provides a series of physical benefits to its bearers. So many that the article would be immense if it were to quote everyone! But in any case we select the main ones: it helps in a better functioning of the central nervous system, helps to calm the mind and the soul to solve problems related to insomnia, helps to control blood pressure, it is very good for those who do not achieve ( no matter how much they diet), it helps in the problems of the liver and gastrites, it is ideal for the good functioning of the sexual organs and it is a powerful agent that regulates salts in the organism.

Mystical characteristics
The stone manages to act directly in the so-called lower chakras, improving the disposition, the vigor of past times and the sexual appetite.

This magnificent stone has the mystical power to bring inner peace, harmonizing thoughts, feelings and perform wonders in the fields of friendship and love. Therefore, if you want to recover a friendship or even make a very important relationship start, use jasper as soon as possible and collect all these benefits.

Out of curiosity, it is interesting to say that such a stone is used as a protection amulet from the time of Ancient Egypt.

General properties of the mineral
This crystal is a very sought after stone and recognized in the market, so it has a higher value. It is a semiprecious stone opaque and lasts most of the time.

The main deposits of red jasper are in Venezuela and Brazil.

Meaning of your name
Its name makes a simple allusion to one of its characteristics, that is, the stone that was stained or punctuated by “fragments” of iron oxide.

Coloring of the stone
It can be blue, brown, green, purple, black, still (Australian and cut) and can also be spotted and / or with shades of red. Each of them has different complementary characteristics.

Effects of the stone on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person

In the mental to it brings the necessary harmony so that we can reorganize our thoughts, so that we have new goals in the sense of making the right decisions.

Emotionally, it is a stone that takes care of friendships and love, so, when we use it, we go on to value our friends and our colleagues more.

In the spiritual field, the stone, moreover the red jasper, acts to prevent feelings such as hate, anger and envy from invading our environment, be it at work or in the domestic space.

Therapeutic effects and healing with crystals
This stone is widely used in all meditation centers, as its enormous power of vibration infects the entire environment and removes any other type of harmful energy that hinders its rituals.

In crystal healing it is very effective in keeping the environment free from negative energies. Therefore, the esoteric of that area usually indicate the benefits of having a jasper as an ornament in the main point of the houses.

In homes with children, jasper still has a very positive effect, according to the esoteric specialists, because they make the young enter early on in tune with the vibrations of protection, vitality and prosperity

Linked signs
All the stones and minerals of the planet are intimately related to each sign of the zodiac, since they have a similar energetic combination. That being the case, those who were born in the period comprising the bull or virgin signs are under their protection.

Related professions
The intense vibrations emitted by the jasper stone have a very special relationship with the issue of protection, so that all professions that have that uniqueness are governed by jasper. Among them we can mention the following offices:

All couples who have completed forty-seven years of union are under the protection of jasper stone.

Where to buy Red Jasper?

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